Data Shredding Services - Secure and confidential data destruction services for Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Secure shredding and destruction services

Data Shredding Services' off-site shredding and destruction service ensures the protection of your sensitive information from the time of collection at your location, through to destruction at our centre.

Our data destruction services:

  • In addition to collecting and destroying your Confidential Paper we are also able to provide a service for all your waste paper solutions be it brochures, magazines or cardboard.

  • We also shred and destroy Multimedia, Disks, CDs, DVDs and videos

  • We offer a clothing and uniform destruction service

  • As archive destruction specialists we can clear & destroy archives to suit your needs.

For collection purposes we supply:

  • Bags & Secure Ties - Our own bespoke bags with secure ties, the bags are designed to hold a maximum weight of 20 Kilo's which is the maximum lifting weight permitted by Health & Safety thus protecting our staff and your staff against injury.

  • Secure Locking Wheelie Bins - Our own bespoke wheelie bins designed for office/reception use, the bins provided come in various styles and sizes to suit all and are lockable with post slits in the lid. Bins can also be provided for archive clearance.

Frequency of Service

Our Service is designed to suit your needs we can provide a weekly, fortnightly, monthly Collection for a set day at a set time or we can provide you with ad hoc collections at your convenience.

The data destruction process.....

  1. Once we have agreed the basis of the service, we provide lockable bins where your employees deposit sensitive information as part of their normal daily business activities.
  1. On a regular schedule to meet your requirements or an ad hoc basis, one of our specialist collection team collect the containers. All our employees wear uniform and have undergone stringent security checks.
  1. The material is then transported to our secure destruction facility and completely destroyed beyond recovery. Our process strictly adheres to BSEN:15713 and is fully auditable.
  1. To evidence this completed process we issue a certificate of destruction.
  1. The shredded material is then transported locally for recycling.

Secure information destruction is our business and you can have complete confidence in our process from beginning to end.

Certified document and data destruction

On destroying your confidential information Data Shredding Services will issue you with a certificate of destruction.

After collection of your confidential information to our secure destruction site it is destroyed within 24 hours. Once destroyed, we certify document destruction to confirm the data has been completely destroyed, to comply with the data protection Act 1998. You can rest assured there is no chance of this sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Making your customers aware of your procedures in place for dealing with their sensitive information will demonstrate your commitment to protecting their privacy.

We recommend that your certificate of destruction is kept on file as evidence for your compliance with the current relevant data protection legislation.

Security at all stages - From storage in lockable wheelie bins through to the shredding and recycling process your confidential data is highly secure.
Compliance - Our data destruction services are designed specifically to comply with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of individuals and organisations.
Certified destruction - On destroying your documents, Data Shredding Services will issue you with a certificate of destruction to confirm the data has been destroyed.
Boost productivity & save money - Employing Data Shredding Services could save your business around 17% of the cost of destroying confidential documents in-house.
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