There are many important reasons to use a professional document and data shredding and destruction firm to destroy your and your customers' secure and confidential data, including preventing identity theft, protecting financial information, protecting employee medical records and other sensitive personal information. Our certified destruction also means you can provide your customers and clients with proof their sensitive personal information has been destroyed to industry standards that complies with the Data Protection Act. Outsourcing your data destruction could also save you time and money.


Bank statements and business contracts are by no means the only documents that contain confidential information. On a daily basis, in every business, confidential materials are generated by almost every employee, from strategic planning documents to employee medical records. In reality, more materials than you might at first think contain private information that could be a security risk if in the wrong hands.

Identity theft has already grown to become one of the most costly security risks that businesses now face. It’s a threat which can quickly destroy business reputation and security. The potential costs of security breaches of this type could run into millions of pounds, leading to dented credit ratings, angry or lost customers and irreparable damage to your reputation.

In the UK and across the globe, governments and regulators work to develop legislation aimed at protecting consumers and businesses from fraud. But prevention is always the best solution. Data Shredding Services' confidential waste destruction services were specifically designed to comply with and complement the specified confidentiality requirements and regulatory standards in every area that we conduct business. This is more than just good business sense – it’s a legal requirement.

Data Shredding Services develops bespoke secure shredding services for its customers, designed to work with their specific business requirements. These customised programmes ensure that customers are protected from the threat of identity theft, whilst also remaining fully compliant with the relevant privacy regulations for their industry.

In addition, Data Shredding Services are able to help you identify which office materials contain confidential or price sensitive information so that your staff can become better informed of the potential vulnerabilities that exist in your workplace.

To find out what materials to shred please contact us to arrange for a data security survey about your specific document destruction needs.


CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, records on average 75,000 - 80,000 cases of identity theft each year in the UK.

Personal credit information is one of the main targets for fraudsters looking to benefit from this type of fraud, with traditional paper-based sources being significantly more susceptible to theft than alternative electronic channels. But whilst legislation and privacy policies are designed to both protect companies and keep criminals in check, prevention is always the preferred option.

Identity theft is now considered a worldwide concern, and one which can affect all areas of your business, from your ability to obtain credit to your corporate reputation.

At Data Shredding Services, we understand the importance of identity theft prevention. Our confidential paper shredding services provide you with peace of mind that your private information, and that of your customers and employees, is protected.

Ensuring the highest levels of security from start to finish, our secure destruction services enable your business to reduce the risk of identity fraud by preventing confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.


On destroying your confidential information Data Shredding Services will issue you with a certificate of destruction.

After collection of your confidential information to our secure destruction site it is destroyed within 24 hours. Once destroyed, we certify document destruction to confirm the data has been completely destroyed, to comply with the data protection Act 1998. You can rest assured there is no chance of this sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Making your customers aware of your procedures in place for dealing with their sensitive information will demonstrate your commitment to protecting their privacy.

We recommend that your certificate of destruction is kept on file as evidence for your compliance with the current relevant data protection legislation.


Employing Data Shredding Services secure shredding services could save your business around 17% of the cost of destroying confidential documents yourself in-house.

Costs are a fundamental element of every business. Whether you are keeping a close eye on costs or looking to get the best value from third party suppliers, Data Shredding Services can help.

Shredding confidential waste on site saves time, money and space. Whilst an employee can take up to 5 hours to shred 25 kgs of paper, we can do the same task in minutes with minimal disruption to your business.

Outsourcing your document destruction to Data Shredding Services can actually save your business around 17% when compared to doing it yourself in-house. If you outsource there is no shredding equipment to buy and your staff can be freed up to work on more profitable tasks.

Data Shredding Services' document destruction services can even help you save on space costs. Rather than paying rent on square footage or wasting valuable office space to store files you no longer need, by shredding you can free up that space to generate cash, not costs, for your business.

Secure information destruction is our business and you can have complete confidence in our process from beginning to end.